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China leading supplier and exporter for laboratory and medical instruments and consumables including microscopes and cameras, microscope slides, centrifuges, centrifuge tubes, COVID-19 solutions etc. Exported to many worldwide countries. Products are widely used in laboratories, schools,universities, research institutes, hospitals, etc. Meets the needs of research in biological, medical, life science and other fields.


BS-2041T biological microscope application case in hematology department of hospital

Hematology Department of the Hospital, uses this set of products including: BS-2041T microscope + BUC5F-830CC camera + Adhesion Microscope Slides + PC&HDMI Display\nThis system is a good helper for the diagnosis of blood system diseases and MIMC typing of

Upgrade traditional microscope to LCD digital microscope solution

HDMI Digital Camera + HDMI LCD Displayer = LCD Digital Camera. Our cameras can not only use with our microscopes, but also can use with other microscope brands like Zeiss, Nikon, Leica, Olympus, Optica etc. to update the ordinary microscope to LCD digital

How to clean the microscope

To clean the microscope, you can go with the following steps: 1. Get knowledge of where need cleaning 2. Where not need cleaning 3. If you find dirt on the image, there are possible 3 locations for the dirt: Microscope objective, Camera and Slide. 4. Ther

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