BS-2041T biological microscope application case in hematology department of hospital

BS-2041T biological microscope, application in hematology department of hospital
BS-2041 Biological Microscope is BS-2040‘s upgrade model, with the feature as below:
1. High Definition Infinite Optical System provide sharp image.
2. WF10×/22mm eyepiece with diopter adjustment.
3. 4x 40x 400x 1000x magnification under Infinite Plan Achromatic Objectives
4. Sliding-in Centerable Condenser NA1.25
5. Fluorescent attachment, Dark field condenser, phase contrast attachment, simple polarizing kit are optional.

BS-2041 series microscopes are ideal instruments in biological, pathological, histological, bacterial, immune, pharmacological and genetic fields. They can be widely used in medical and sanitary establishments, such as hospitals, clinics, laboratories, medical academies, colleges, universities and related research centers.

Application case
Hematology Department of the Hospital, uses this set of products including:

BS-2041T microscope + BUC5F-830CC camera + Adhesion Microscope Slides + PC&HDMI Display 

Doctor's evaluation:
BS-2041T Microscope: Each cell can be clearly observed, easy to judge the degree of bone marrow hyperplasia, count megakaryocytes and find abnormal cells.
BUC5F-830CC Camera: High quality images can be displayed on the PC or large screen in real time for teaching and discussion.
Adhesion Microscope Slides: Exceptionally flat clear glass which easier to push out comet tail smear and better adhere to the tissue.
This system is a good helper for the diagnosis of blood system diseases and MIMC typing of acute myeloid leukemia.

This set including following products: