About Us

Throughout the ages, mankind has never stopped in the research to improve lives. As a socially responsible company, Relab provides professional pathological products to explore the essence of pathology. Focusing on the field of histopathology, we provide whole-process products and solutions from sample trimming, tissue processor, tissue embedding, slides preparation, staining to microscope diagnosis. Relab is the China leading company with the variety of pathology products, and also an advocate of new pathology technology, pathology automation and digitalization.

We advocate new technology and high quality in order to help doctors and laboratory personnel improve the work efficiency, make medical examination and diagnosis simple and reliable, and help patients reduce anxiety. To ensure the best quality that meets or exceeds industry standards, we have strict control for the raw materials, manufacturing and inspection process. The good quality promises are backed by international accreditation: ISO9001, ISO13485, CE, FDA certificates etc. 

More than 30 countries clients have links with Relab. Our products are widely used in hospitals medical centers, laboratories, schools, universities, research institutes etc. Meets the needs of research in biological, medical, life science and other fields. RELAB is your reliable partner in pathology. We are pleased to work with our partners, including distributors, users and our employees, to achieve common growth and consistent development, promote the progress of pathology, improve human health and benefit the society.


Our Values

Our Mission: Commit to pathology research for a better future together 

Our Vision: Innovative solutions to improve medical diagnosis and benefit society 

Our Value: Responsibility, Altruism, Efficiency, Change, Excellence.