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CMOS sensor
HDMI digital camera
This HDMI digital camera captures stunning images and videos in high definition, making it perfect for both amateur and professional photographers.
HDMI digital camera

1. The Application of the BHC4-4K Series Camera
The BHC4-4K series camera is intended to be used for the acquisition of digital images from the stereo microscope and biological microscope. The basic characteristic is listed as below:
*Sony Exmor back illuminated CMOS sensor
*4K HDMI/USB multiple video outputs
*4K/1080P auto switching according to the display resolution
*SD card for the captured image and video storage
*Embedded XCamView for the control of the camera
*With strong ISP and other related processing functions
*ImageView software for PC
*ImageView software for MAC

2. BHC4-4K Series Camera’s Datasheet
Order CodeSensor & Size(mm)Pixel(μm)G SensitivityFPS/ResolutionBinningExposure(ms)


Sony IMX334(C)
2.0x2.0505mv with 1/30s
0.1mv with 1/30s


Sony IMX485(C) 1/1.2"(11.14x6.26)2.9x2.92188mv with 1/30s 0.39mv with 1/30s30@3840*2160(HDMI)
3. Available Ports on the Back of the Camera Body
1 Available Ports on the Back Panel of the Camera Body
InterfaceFunction Description
USB MouseConnect USB mouse for easy operation with embedded XCamViewsoftware;
USB VideoConnect PC or other host device to realize video image transmission;
HDMIComply with HDMI1.4 standard. 4K or 1080P format video output for standard monitor;
DC12VPower adapter connection (12V/1A);
SDComply with SDIO3.0 standard and SD card could be inserted for video and images storage;
LEDLED status indicator;
ON/OFFPower switch;
4. BHC4-4K Series Camera Function Description

Video Output
Video Output InterfaceFunction Description
HDMI InterfaceComply with HDMI1.4standard;
30fps@4K or 30fps@1080P;
USB Video InterfaceConnecting USB port of PC for video transfer;
MJPEG format video;

Image Capture and Video Saving in SD Card
Function NameFunction Description
Video SavingVideo format:8M(3840*2160) H264/H265 encoded MP4 file;
Video saving frame rate:30fps;
Image Capture8M (3840*2160) JPEG/TIFF image in SD card ;
Measurement SavingMeasurement information saved in layer mode with image content;
Measurement information is saved together with image content in burn in mode.

ISP Function
Function NameFunction Description
Exposure / GainAutomatic/Manual Exposure
White BalanceManual/Automatic/ROI Mode
3D DenoiseSupported
Saturation AdjustmentSupported
Contrast AdjustmentSupported
Brightness AdjustmentSupported
Gamma AdjustmentSupported
50HZ/60HZ Anti-flicker FunctionSupported

Image Operation Function
Function NameFunction Description
Zoom In/Zoom OutUp to 10X
Cross LineSupported
Embedded Files BrowserSupported
Video PlaybackSupported
Measurement FunctionSupported

Other Functions
Function NameFunction Description
Embedded RTC(Optional)To support accurate time on board
Restore Factory SettingsSupported
Multiple Language SupportEnglish / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / Korean / Thai / French / German / Japanese / Italian / Russian

5.Sample Photos Captured with BHC4-4K Series Camera 

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