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biological microscope
New Design Hospital Grade Biological Microscope
A top-of-the-line microscope designed for use in hospitals and research laboratories, providing superior precision and clarity.

 New Design Hospital Grade Biological Microscope


BS-2046 series biological microscopes are specially designed for various microscopy needs such as teaching and clinical diagnosis. It has good optical quality, wide field of view, excellent objective performance, clear and reliable imaging. Ergonomic design provides better comfort and use experience, pays attention to the user's operating habits, starts from the details, and constantly optimizes. Modular design can realize various observation methods such as bright field, dark field, phase contrast, fluorescence, etc., providing more possibilities for your scientific research and exploration. They take up little space and are very convenient for handling, storage and maintenance, these microscopes are the best choice for microscope teaching, clinic examinations and laboratory research.


1. Excellent Image Quality.
NIS optical system and optical elements using advanced coating technology make it easy to obtain good quality imaging. Excellent optical system is the guarantee of obtaining plan and clear images. It can provide clear images with high contrast, and the clear range can reach to the edge of the field of view. It also has bright and uniform illumination.
2. BS-2046 has color temperature adjustable function.
BS-2046 has color temperature adjustable function, the color temperature can be adjusted to makes the sample present natural color. Its color temperature changes according to observation needs, even if the user changes the brightness, it can maintain the brightness and color temperature comfortably. The LED design life is 60,000 hours, which not only reduces maintenance costs, but also stabilizes the brightness during the whole service life.

3. Wide Field of View.
BS-2046 series microscopes can achieve the 20mm wide field of view under the 10X eyepiece, with more comprehensive observation field and faster sample observation. The eyepiece adopts the plan and distortion-free design to prevent blurring at the edges of the field of view and stray light.
4. Comfortable and safe focus knob.
Low position focus knob design, different areas on the specimen slide can be easily explored while resting your hands on the table, with adjustable torque could improve comfort. BS-2046 is equipped with a stopper that can be used to set the upper limit of the stage height, the stage stops at the set height even when the focus knob is turned, thereby eliminating the risk of over-focusing and breaking the slides or damaging the objectives.
5. Easy to Store and Transport.
BS-2046 series microscopes are small enough to fit into a common classroom cabinet. Equipped with a special carrying handle, light weight and stable structure. The back of the microscope is designed with a hub device to accommodate the long power cord, improve the cleanliness of the laboratory, and also reduce the trip accidents caused by the long power cord during transportation.
6. External power adapter, safer than ordinary microscopes.
External power adapter with DC 5V input, safer than ordinary microscopes.
7. Ergonomic Design.
BS-2046 series microscopes adopt ergonomic design, high eye point, low-hand focusing mechanism, low-hand stage and other ergonomic designs to ensure that users can operate the microscope under the most comfortable conditions and minimize the working fatigue.
8. Stage Designed for Beginners.
The rackless stage prevents users from being scratched by exposed rack during use. The slide clip can be easily operated with one hand. When the upper limit of the stage is locked, accidental contact between the objectives and the slide can be avoided, which can prevent damage to samples and objectives. The coarse focus torque adjustment device can adjust the comfort of use according to personal operating habits.
9. Binocular head with built-in digital camera is optional.
The head with digital camera is the same size as the binocular head. Built-in ultra-high definition 8.3MP digital camera, which support WIFI, USB and HDMI output, the microscope can be connected to network and build a digital interactive classroom.
10. Light intensity management and coded nosepiece.
BS-2046 series cameras have light intensity management system which can automatically remember and set the light intensity for each objective, with this function, users can increase comfort and save time. The microscopes also have coded nosepiece, when objectives are switched, the light intensity is automatically adjusted to reduce visual fatigue and improve work efficiency.
11. Microscope Working Status Display.
The LCD screen in the front of the BS-2046 series microscopes can display the working status of the microscope, including magnification, light intensity, color temperature, standby status, etc.


BS-2046 series microscopes are ideal instruments in biological, pathological, histological, hematological, bacterial, immune, pharmacological and genetic fields. They can be widely used in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, medical academies, colleges, universities, schools and related research centers and teaching labs.








Optical System

NIS Infinite Optical System



Viewing Head

Seidentopf Binocular Head, inclined at 30°, Interpupillary 47-78mm, both eyepiece tube diopter adjustable

Seidentopf Trinocular Head, inclined at 30°, Interpupillary 47-78mm, both eyepiece tube diopter adjustable

Seidentopf Binocular Head with built-in digital camera (1/2.5”, 8.3MP, WIFI, USB and HDMI output), inclined at 30°, Interpupillary 47-78mm, both eyepiece tube diopter adjustable


Infinite Plan Achromatic Objectives Objective

2×, NA=0.05, WD=18.3mm

4×, NA=0.10, WD=28mm

10×, NA=0.25, WD=10mm

20×, NA=0.40, WD=5.1mm

40× (S), NA=0.65, WD=0.7mm

50× (S, Oil), NA=0.90, WD=0.12mm

60× (S), NA=0.80, WD=0.14mm

100× (S, Oil), NA=1.25, WD=0.18mm


Backward Coded Quadruple Nosepiece


Rackless Double Layers Mechanical Stage 180mm×130mm, Moving Range 74mm×30mm


Abbe Condenser NA1.25 with iris


Coaxial Coarse and Fine Adjustment, Left hand has Height Limit Lock, Right Hand has Coarse Tension Adjustment Function. Coarse Stroke 37.7mm per Rotation, Fine division 0.002mm, Fine Stroke 0.2mm per Rotation, Moving Range 20mm


3W LED Illumination, Brightness Adjustable

Illumination management system, LCD Displays Magnification, Brightness, Color Temperature, etc

Other Accessories

Dust Cover

Power Adapter DC5V Input

Instruction Manual

Green Filter

Blue/Yellow/Red Filter

0.5× C-mount Adapter

1× C-mount Adapter


Anti-mold Treatment on all the optics


1pc/carton, 38*52*53cm, gross weight: 8.6kg

Note: ● Standard Outfit, ○ Optional