Cassette Laser Printer


* Laser printing and easy to maintain.                      

* Capacity: 75 Cassettes.                   

* Print accuracy1250dpi clear printing content.                        

* Print online or off-line.                    

* Capability of linking with the management system of the pathology department.                           

* Easy to operate.                        

* High reliability.                  

* Laser etching on the surface of the embedding cassettes, no need for consumables.        

* No need for preheating, can be immediately used after starting up, safe and noiseless, free of maintenance.     


* Bilingual in Chinese and English, simple and practical.                    

* Support Bar-code scanner inputting.


* Item No.RH8301

* Printing method: Cassette Laser Printing       

* Average printing speed:≤3S/Cassette  

* Printing accuracy: 1250pi

* Maximum Capacity: 75 Cassettes      

* Minimum Capacity: 1 slides 

* Power: 100-240ACV 50/60Hz     

* Standby power: 50W    

* Rated Power: 100W      

* Dimensions: 395*280*330mm (Length*Width*Height)      

* Laser Power: Pulse laser2W   

* System interface: Integrate with LIS/HIS/P IS 

* Printing Methods: Print online or off-line  

* Adhesion testing: Pull 1*10*30mm 3M tape 3 times without fade  

* External device: Support Bar-code scanner inputting   

* Consumable items: Standard cassette