D type Diagnostic Microscope Slides for Immunofluorescence Experiments, with reaction wells,  microscope slide.
D type Diagnostic Microscope Slides for Immunofluorescence Experiments
D type
D type Diagnostic Microscope Slides with Different Wells for Immunofluorescence Experiments 


* Different wells are coated with PTFE according to the needs of customers. Due to the excellent hydrophobic property of PTFE coating, it can ensure that there is no cross contamination between the wells, which can detect multiple samples on a diagnostic slide, save the amount of reagent used, and improve the detection efficiency.
* It is suitable for all kinds of immunofluorescence experiments, especially for the immunofluorescence disease detection kit, which provides an excellent solution for microscope slide.


Item No.DimensionEdgesCornerPackagingMarking surfaceAdditional coatingWells
1-1.2mm Thick
Ground Edges45°50pcs/boxwhiteNo coatingMultiple optional
When ordering this model, please indicate the aperture.

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