Featured Histopathology Rotary Microtome

Key components such as guide rail, screw mandrel and ratchet rod are import from Japan. The Rotary microtome RH4215 is ideal for most routine histology, biological and industrial needs. High precision & stability ensures exact reproducible section quality in wax and plastic embedded sections


* Japan Vertical cross roller bearing mechanism for maintenance free operation

* High precision specimen feed

* Universal cassette clamp and standard specimen clamp

* The hand wheel can be locked in any position or highest position. Additional 12 O’ Clock locking by simply pulling the handle. The dual fail-safe control system is safe and reliable

* It adopts the special blade carrier, it is more safe and convenient to use the disposable blade directly. good durability and long service life

* Optional blade carrier can use steel knife or blade holder

* Two type of upper part blade holder can use both of low profile blade and high profile blade. lateral displacement to the knife base enable to use the entire length of knife /blade without removing or adjusting knife/blade

* Smoothly running hand wheel, patented gravitational force compensation system of hand wheel enables very smooth and easy turn of hand wheel to obtain a uniform stroke for excellent, perfectly stretched sections

* Spacious, integrated section waste tray

* Finger protection guard

* The microtome can be used optionally with either clockwise rotation or counter clockwise rotation for the coarse feed wheel

* Slot cover to protect the interior of the instrument from sectioning debris

* Coarse feed wheel turn with clockwise rotation or counter clockwise direction


* Item No.RH4215

* Section thickness range: 0- 60μ m

Setting values:

From 0-2μ m in 0.5μm –increments

From 2-10μ m in 1μm-increments

From 10-20 μ m in 2μm-increments

From 20-60μ m in 5μm-increments

* Horizontal specimen stroke :28 mm

* Vertical specimen stroke: 60mm

* Precision error: ± 5%

* Sample orientation:8°along the X-Y-axis, rotable 360°

* Maximum section size: 50 ×45mm

* Dimensions incl. tray (L/T/H): 30cm(L)X46cm(W)X29cm(H)

* Net weight:30kg