RCMC12H+ Mini High Speed Centrifuge with Display,Digital Centrifuge
RCMC12H+ Mini High Speed Centrifuge with Display,Digital Centrifuge,Laboratory Centrifuge

The Mini High Speed Centrifuge can equipped with multi rotors to meet different needs. Easy to install and replace.

*The compound test tube rotor compatible with more rotors.
*High-strength main body and rotor material.
*RSS material damping, 360° rotating space, no angle, less wind resistance, and temperature rise, ultra-quiet, noise level47dB
*Over speed, unbalance detection system, lid lock protection with Fault alarm.
*Faster acceleration/deceleration rates

Item No.RCMC12H+
Step Speed500rpm
Max. RCF9660xg  
Control methodST16 bit MCU / PWM / speed control
MotorDC permanent magnet motor
Noise≤ 47 dB
Fastest Acceleration time12s
Fastest Deacceleration time16s
Fault AlarmVoice + Code
Dimension  194×229×120(mm)
Weight  2kg
Rotor TypeRotorCapacity    (ml × tubes)Max Speed (r/min.)Max RCF
Tube Type

Angle Rotor
#1 Compound angle rotor (standard)1.5/2×12+           PCR 0.2×8×4120009500PP Cone bottom cover
#2 Angle PCR rotor  (standard)PCR 0.2×12×4 120005960PP Cone bottom cover
#3 Angle rotor
5×4120009660PP Cone bottom cover
#4 Angle rotor (option)Capillary blood tube×12120008371Dia1.5mm×40
#5 Angle rotor (option)5/1.8/1.1×470003180PP Vertical screw tube