Tissue Embedding Center with Cold Plate


* The newest high technology and Button Panel Control, new type of heating material.

* The machine is made up of embedding machine, freezing part. the design can be flexibly selected between embedding machine and freezing part.

* Automated processor control system make it possible for presetting the start time and temperature of any day.

* Special nano technical make it heat up quickly and equably.

* The LCD display can show you the temperatures of the paraffin bath, thermostatic bath and paraffin nozzle. So the user can operator it easily.

* Inductive head lamp and metal switch, user can touch the switch by tweezers or knifes to control the paraffin.

* Automatic memory the presetting temperatures and start to work based on the time.

* Large capacity paraffin bath can contain enough paraffin for use at one time.

* Multilevel security protection system.

* There are 3 heating holes for forceps in two side of the paraffin nozzle.

* Magnifying glass with lamp is optional accessory

* Collection drawer to collect paraffin from working table


* Item No.RH3205

* Capacity of the paraffin bath: 6000 ml.

* Paraffin Bath/ hot reservoir /work stage/paraffin spout temperature range: 0 ~99 with individually temperature adjustable   

* Freezing range temperature: 0 ~ -20

* Complete machine consuming more electricity: Less than 1KVA

* Control mode: Auto, foot

* About 120pcs of molds or 140pcs cassettes for each hot reservoir

* Capacity of Cold plate: About 40-60 pcs of Tissue Mold

* Environment temperature: 0~ 40

* Time control: Switch on and switch off time of the machine is set in 24 hours optionally.

* Nominal voltage: AC110V-220V±10%

* Rated frequency:50Hz/60Hz

* Power consumption: (dispenser part)10A /1800W, (cold plate part)5A/ 130W

* Dimension: Embedding center (60x52x36.5cm), Cold plate (36x52x36.5cm)

* Gross /Net Weight: 110/65kg