Tissue Floatation Barking Processor


* Adopted high technology and Touching Screen Control, new type of heating material to ensure small volume and light weight.

* It contains bath and baking processor and independent heat power without any affect each other.

* Automatic memorization and recover the last setting temperature stored to start when the power start again.

* If the power is switched off suddenly, the machine can go on work and correct mistake automatically when the power switch on again.

* high-tech control system make it precision in temperature and rapid heating and baking slice.

* Special material with strong resistance to abrasion and corrosion


* Item No.RH5310

* Water Temperature for spreading: indoor temperature-90(maximum) adjustable and automatically thermostatic

* Temperature for roasting: indoor temperarure-90(maximum) adjustable and automatically

* Memory function: Automatically retain set temperature after operating.

* Capacity of water bath :2.5L

* Capacity of Slide dryer: 40pcs Microscope Slides

* Lamp for water bath

* Power voltage:AC110-220V±1050HZ/60Hz

* Power: ≤550W

* Environment temperature: 040

* Dimensions:63x38x13cm

* Size of floatation bath plate: 30×24×6.5cm 10kg

* Size of baking plate: 28×24×2cm 10kg