Tissue Floatation Processor


* Assembled advanced heating material achieves quick heating, high efficiency, and long service life.

* Using laser sensor, more accurate control and measurement of temperature.

* The touch screen displays the actual temperature and the presetting temperature respectively. The real-time display of working status to show the working progress more obvious.

* Equipped with memory function, it can set the time of automatic startup and shutdown at work, and automatically retains the set temperature after the operation.

* Borosilicate tempered glass bath, excellent thermostability.

* LED lighting system illuminates the transparent heating bath, clear observation.

* The special coating material with strong resistance to corrosion and abrasion.


* Item No.RH5110

* Capacity: 2.3L

* Temperature prefabricate : 0~100 set arbitrarily

* Rating Power: 300W

* Thermostatic control with an accuracy of ±0.5°C

* Power Supply: AC110V-220V 50Hz/60Hz

* Dimension: 330×370×140mm(outside), 230x230x60mm (floating bath)

* Weight: 8kg