Useful tips for microscope routine operation

1. To move the microscope, one hand holds the stand arm, and the other holds the base, two hands should be close to the chest. Don't hold by one hand, or swing back and forth to avoid the lens or other parts falling down.

2. When observing the slides, the microscope should keep certain distance between the edge of the laboratory platform, such as 5cm, in order to avoid the microscope falls down.

3. Operate the microscope following the instructions, familiar with the component performance, master the relation of coarse/fine adjustment knob rotation direction and the stage lift up and down. Turn the coarse adjustment knob down, the eyes must look at objective lens.

4. Don't take off the eyepiece, to avoid the dust falling into the tube.

5. Don't open or change the optical element such as eyepiece, objective and condenser.
6. The corrosive and volatile chemicals and pharmaceuticals, such as iodine, acids, bases etc., can not contact with the microscope, if accidentally contaminated, wipe it clean immediately.